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I started rafting on the Shotover River when i qualified as a guide in 1993.  In the following years, I became a senior raft guide, then trip leader. After working as a rafting guide for other rafting companies for twelve years, I became a Director of Family Adventures in 2005.  Becoming a family man myself in 2001, I found it to be the perfect stepping stone into the business and to carry on doing what I love and to be able to share my experience with young and old.

I have a passion for the river and the Skippers Goldfields and enjoy sharing my knowledge of the area. In summer I love to raft and in winter I ski, so Queenstown is my perfect playground. I look forward to seeing you on our trip so you can experience it too!

Mark Forsyth.

I moved to Queenstown from the U.K in 2010 for 'One' Winter season. In my first Summer, Mark taught me to raft and I have worked for Family Adventures ever since! In 2019, I took the plunge, bought half of the business and now Mark and I share the business and the Dad Jokes on the trip.

After traveling throughout New Zealand, I still believe that Skippers Canyon, the drive, and the river, is one of the most beautiful parts of this amazing country. Come check it out for yourself!

Simon Singleton.




Mark "Spanky" Forsyth


Hometown: Queenstown

Known for: Terrible Dad jokes

Been here since: 1990

Best tip for visiting Queenstown: Dress for all four season's

Must do Queenstown experience: Hire a bike from Vertigo bikes and take a ride around the lake.

Favorite joke: Why couldn't the lifeguard save the hippy? He was too far out man!!

Claim to fame: I once starred as a stunt double for the lead actress in a Bollywood movie!

Interests beside's rafting: Skiing/Snowboarding

What's the best part of the Family Adventure's trip: The spectacular scenery and meeting people from all over the world.


Registered Guide QLDC, Swift Water Rescue, NZ Rafting Association River Workshop, First Aid, Trip Leader, 30
 years rafting experience.



Simon "Singy" Singleton


Hometown: Preston, UK

Known for: Repeating Spanky's terrible Dad jokes

Been here since: 2010

Best tip for visiting Queenstown: Bring lots of money!!

Must do Queenstown experience: Family rafting of course ;)

Favorite joke: Far too many to pick one. :)

Hidden talent: Lawn Bowls

Claim to fame: Represented NZ in the World Cup of Pool 2019-2022

Interests beside's rafting: Any cue sport, golf, football

What's the best part of the Family Adventure's trip: Skippers Canyon


Qualifications/Experience:  NZ Rafting Association Grade 2 Trip Leader,

14 years river experience. 14th Season with Family Adventures.

Holly Wall


Hometown: Nottingham, UK

Role at Family Adventures: Raft guide/Bus driver/Legend.

Been here since: 2018.

Best tip for visiting Queenstown: Try a FergBurger! 

Must do Queenstown experience: Gondola and Luge!!

Favorite joke: What's brown and sticky?...A STICK.

Hidden talent: A squeaky eyeball.

Claim to fame: I'm Beyonce's third cousin.

Strength: I can nearly pull myself back into a raft.

Interests beside's rafting: Latino parties, hiking, spinning and anything outdoors.

What's the best part of the Family Adventure's trip: Seeing young kids having the time of their lives.


Qualifications/Experience:  NZ Rafting Association Grade 2 plus 12 months intense training under the supervision of the oldest raft guide in New Zealand, Mark "Spanky" Forsyth. 6th season with Family Adventures.





Kohei Koizumi


Hometown: Nishinomiya, Japan

Known for: Eating, I love food. :)

Been here since: Oct 2023

Best tip for visiting Queenstown: Don't queue for Ferg burger, try Devil burger!

Must do Queenstown experience: Just Rafting!!

Favorite joke: What is Michael Jacksons favourite colour? AWO (Japanese for Blue)

Hidden talent: I can play the Ukulele.

Claim to fame: Im a Ramen champion, Buy me dinner and I show you. :)

Interests beside's rafting: Rugby, Soccor, Golf, Skiing, any sport really.

What's the best part of the Family Adventure's trip: The raft team, they are the best!


Qualifications/Experience: Rafting association of Japan, plus I have rafted a season in Cairns, Australia. NZ Rafting Association Grade 2 guide.


                     0800 4 7238464

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