Frequently Asked Questions.

Where do I go?

We meet outside the Station Building on the corner of Shotover Street and Camp Street. Check-in time is 10 minutes before departure. Call us if you have a vehicle and we can advise you on where to park.

What do I need to bring?

Swimmers (togs) and a towel. You are welcome to bring your camera, however since camera's and water don't generally mix, we will take photo's for you on the river, and offer a Photo Pack for sale @ $39.

What do I wear?

We give a wet suit or spray jacket and pants as well as "booties". You should wear your swimsuit underneath the wetsuit.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Water confidence is not necessary. This is what makes our trip suitable for small children.


How long is the whole day, round trip back to town?

It will take about 5 hours for the trip

Will I get wet?

Generally, only if you want to. The trip is a very gentle float trip where the emphasis is on fun and a unique opportunity to access remote and beautiful areas of backcountry wilderness where there are no roads.

Is this raft trip safe?

Yes, all our equipment is independently audited and meets Maritime New Zealand Code of Compliance rule 80 part B. We also carry radio telephones, First Aid Kits and Throw Ropes. Our guides are all NZ Rafting Association qualified, and many have international experience working year around in the rafting industry.

What is the drive like?

The road through Skippers Canyon is quite possibly one of the most scenic and spectacular drives in NZ. It is one of only two roads in NZ that rental vehicles are specifically excluded from insurance coverage!

Is there food provided?

Yes, we have snacks for you at our base, before & after the river trip. 

What does "Grade 2 rapids" mean?

All rivers that we raft are graded. Grade one is the gentlest, pretty much flat water. Grade 2, which is what the section of the Shotover River that we raft is, means that there are rapids, but the water flow is gentle and small. Grade 5 is the highest (or most difficult) navigable river – remember "Deliverance"?



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